torsdag 19. januar 2012

Almost weekend

I promised yesterday a bit more pictures here, so here I go.
First I just have to show you the lovely wrappingpaper I used for most of the christmaspresents. I love it.  Unfortunately the shop could not provide me more when I asked, but I will look for it.

As for knitting these days I still work with my Paulie.  Not very interesting , but I think I will love it for daily use when its done.

This is a project that I want to have in my summercabin when its done.  Noting fancy, but great for a cabin by the sea.

I have an other handembroisery going, but that is my own design, so I will finish it before showing it.

One month from now I will go on holiday to Egypt!  2 weeks of sun, bathing and golf with my dear husband.  I am sooooo looking forward to that.  I belive its been at leat 5 years since I had more than a one week holiday.
Look at that color of the sea!!!

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